Between the 15th and the 17th of February, 19 members of the Institute of Geology went to the Engstlenalp Hotel for the Group Retreat of the Quaternary Geology Group.


Quaternary Geology Group – Engstlenalp Hotel


Access to Engstlenalp in winter is only possible on foot with snowshoes or skis and with the corresponding experience and equipment. From Jochpass, in the Engelberg-Titlis ski resort, we went down towards Engstensee where we walked passed the lake to go to the Engstenalp Hotel.

Once there the science talks could begin. A wide range of subjects have been discussed, with presentations as diverse as the paleoclimate record of a lake in Indonesia, the study of some lakes in Switzerland (bathymetry, geomorphology, lacustrine sediments, neotectonics, hydrology, tsunami), the neotectonic activity of a fault system in Colombia, the empirical study of cracking as cause of rockfalls, the technique of paleothermometry and luminescence dating, the tectonics deformations of Nepal, the landscape evolution and dating of glacier fluctuations and overdeepenings in the Alps …

Overall, this retreat was the occasion to bring together the Quaternary Geology
Group, and to exchange about geoscience in the winter-wonderland of the Bernese Oberland.





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Julien Reynes · February 27, 2018 at 1:34 pm

Nice ! 🙂 Lucky guys 😛

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